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Buy car insurance online and save £££s1 Compare prices, discounts and introductory offers2 Save time with a fast and simple form3 Attractive rates for more experienced motorists4 Pay annually or spread payments over a whole year5 Fully independent search with over 3 million users so far!6

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The rise in Internet usage means that more and more drivers are opting to find their car insurance online. Quick, straight-forward and available 24/7, getting the cover you need via your laptop or iPhone is so much easier than laborious phone calls to assurance providers and time-consuming visits to brokers. Unfortunately, rapid and simple doesn’t always equal cheap. If you’re looking to save money on your premium price (and who isn’t?) we’ve discovered simple steps you can take to ensure you get the best coverage for the lowest cost when you shop for a policy online. Read on for information on how to grab yourself a premium bargain.

Become More Attractive to an Insurer

Brokers thrive on low risk motorists who occasionally drive their Fiat Panda a few miles sedately during off peak hours before returning it to their maximum security, heavily guarded garage. Whilst this level of Insurer appeal may be beyond you, there’s certainly plenty you can do to present yourself as an attractive coverage proposition. In addition to age, No Claims Discount (NCD) and convictions, insurers also take factors such as mileage, type of car, vehicle security, overnight parking location, time of driving, driving style, smoking status, occupation and housing tenure into consideration. When you shop online for a policy, make sure you accurately convey all this driver data to your intended insurer. The more information they have, the greater the chances of a favourable quote. Making small changes such as avoiding rush hour motoring, fitting a Thatcham Cat 1 immobiliser to your vehicle or limiting your mileage can make a significant impact on your cover cost.

Establish A Benchmark

With so many different companies out there looking to insure you, getting a feel for whether the quote you’ve received is a bargain or not is tricky. Solve the problem by starting your search for an inexpensive quotation by using a Price Comparison Site. This will give you an idea of the range of cover figures you’re likely to receive and give you a basis on which to work on. In addition, always aim lower than the cost quoted on your policy renewal documents; insurers frequently bump up renewal premiums, presuming you’ll be too idle to look elsewhere. Prove them wrong by using not one but several Comparison Sites to get quotes from the maximum number of companies. It’s also worth looking at insuring with brokers who don’t feature on the Comparison Sites (some insurers make a big point of this), as they can also offer attractive premiums.

Consider Your Cover Options

Particularly if you initially find that the bargains just aren’t coming your way, have a look at other forms of cover which might suit you better. Remember that sometimes comprehensive insurance is more economical than third party cover alone, so alter your search parameters to get prices for both types of policy. For new or inexperienced drivers, telematics cover can be a cheaper option. If you are only on the road periodically, short term policies (typically anything from one or two days up to thirty) can be the way to go. If the premium is still too high, make sure that extras such as a courtesy car or breakdown cover haven’t been included. These can all increase the price you pay and with online documentation it’s easy to have left one of the opt-in boxes for these add-ons inadvertently ticked.

Don’t Get Side-tracked

With so many Special Offers, Extra Discounts, Free Months or Time Limited reductions available through Internet brokers, it’s very easy to lose sight of what cover you actually need and what price to pay. Don’t automatically sign up with the broker offering the biggest discount; their quote may have been sky high to begin with and the reduced price offer only brings it in line with what other insurers are offering. Spend time checking the lowest quotes to ensure the level of cover is right for you; some premium prices may be tempting, but it may well be the case that the high excess demanded or limited nature of the protection mean that cheapest isn’t always best.

Obtaining driver and vehicle cover online is a great way to get the assurance you need at a reasonable rate rapidly. Now that you’ve got all the information you need to get the most from Internet insurance companies, get searching now for heavily discounted premiums.

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